Don’t think I am blind Apollo. Don’t think I am a fool Liz. I am not oblivious of what’s happening all around. I have seen them suffer, kids on their backs all day long toiling in their farms under the scorching hot unbearable heat from the sun. Tinted skinny frail bodies constantly in search for needs.

We are in age of civilization.  I see things in both perspective, I know the truth that barely lies before us, no sex is better than the other. A boy-child, likewise to the girl-child, are born both with different abilities and talents. It is thus the responsibility of a parent to nature both of them in an equal preference.

In our daily life, we often consider a girl a lesser being, the endangered species who ought to work extra hard and ensure they do not fail. Often, boy-child is seen as a capable being who can sustain for himself suppose he fails. Even though, the undying spirit of determined women has been seen in some pioneering women both here in our country and others world wide

Apollo, please listen to me. Why do you claim I am wrong? Why do you fail to listen and at least try to understand this?

My dad passed away when I was five years old, my younger sister and I were in primary school. By then my dad had been in control of everything as my mother was married off when she was 14 years old. She was incompetent, she didn’t know any aspect of family management. You can imagine the frustration and the hard times we underwent. Even though, when need arises, an alternative must be sought.  My mother had to manage our home as the only parent.

All our lives from primary school to the university, my mother was the only we looked up to. She could pay our school fees and attend our parents-days, she made our little world into her. We always looked up to her.

It was then that I realized equality between men and women. Could she be a lesser being, could she keep us up like human beings? We ought to be feminists. I dream of a society where everybody is treated equally. A society where women are considered part of.

In West Africa, some women participate in farm activities to provide for their families. Mothers, especially, should be honored the most. Most of my friends in the university were brought up by mothers single-handedly or through harsh conditions of father abuse. Women are humble and loving. Women are encouraging and determined. They have passion in shaping our future of being great people in the society. They have the softness to plant seeds of bright future in us.

Apollo, you claim to be a man, a real man, though you were born of a woman. She neither thought of aborting you nor dumping you in a pit latrine, she bore all the burden and carried you in her womb for complete nine months. You could kick and stretch in her womb all her sleepless nights. Finally, she bore the pain of giving birth with courage. Like it wasn’t enough, she breastfed you, clothed and brought you up to be a man. Her blood runs in your veins Apollo. You bear her DNA Liz.

The so called “father” launched you in her and went off to ‘greener pasture’ she knew her life was complete just because of you.

Mercy was a high school friend of mine. She was a slim and small-bodied girl but very competitive. She could top in every math contest or exam. I envied her a lot. Even though I used to proclaim that science and math were meant for boys, she proved my point wrong. The same way I could top in every English test. This contrasting comparisons made me realize that gender matters not.  The mindset, talents and passions mattered a lot in a human being’s life.

Our way of seeing things should no longer be based on the ‘either way’ but we should expound our thinking to an open mind set. Ceasar was right, in Shakesphere’s play, the open minded people are comfortable to deal with. The narrow minded are rather dangerous!

I want to live in a nation where our sisters are not looked down upon, a society where women’s rights are upheld. Let the girl-child pursue engineering and any other mathematic course. Let also our boys break the barrier and do literature. The world is now celebrating great laureates; Bob Dylan, Ngugi Wa Thion’go and many others.

Men and women should be equally represented in the leadership. The likes of; Martha Karua, Charity Ngilu among the few.

I proclaim feminism, we as a nation cannot make any single step before we first reflect our wrong turn. We won’t make to a thousand miles if we don’t begin with just a single step. They say; Unity is power, so we can’t succeed if were are still drawn apart by the lines of gender inequality.


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